The Brage Association

The Brage Association of Vaasa was founded in 1908, two years after Otto Andersson had taken the initiative in starting the Brage Association in Helsinki. According to the regulations the task of the association is to care for, preserve and promote the Swedish folk-culture of Finland as it appears in literature, customs, music, dances and games. Within the association there are currently two active sections - the section for museum work, and the section for folk dances.

The board members of the Brage Association in 2021 are:

Christer Harf, chairman
Margareta Björk, vice chairman, representative of the museum section
Johanna Norrgård, secretary
Kaj Holmlund, representative of the folk dance section
Britta Lund
Jenny Ingman
Maria Lindell
Nils Staaf
Iris Nygård

Gertrud Nordman
Maj-Britt Kolehmainen
Britt-Marie Rantala